Alchemical Formulation

Each herb that we include is a result of our wholistic and synergistic methodology. We have taken great care to understand every plant's properties that we use and how they combine to affect the mind/body/spirit for enhanced
synergy and optimal health.


Our Mission

We believe healthy and inspired human beings lead to a better world. Enriching lives of strength and passion is our vision, a vision that we want to see flourish and grow.

We are here to create truly efficacious formulas for whole body health and enhancement, sharing herbalism and wisdom with anyone who has an ear to hear the powerful message of body/mind/spirit integrative herbalism.

We honor both science and the sacred paths of history in our quest to create the most powerful herbal formulas. 


On a mission to bring wellness to as many people as we can - providing quality products that support the evolution of the body. Please join our social media @thenomadapothecary

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