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Return to the Source


At ELEMENTALS OR-I-GIN, we put our principles and guidance into action every day to support our shared values and behaviors. We stand for and believe in high ethical standards, commitments to honor, and practices to give back to the Earth.


First, we follow a system assuring the ultimate purity of our herbs. Next, we use ideal process methods to maintain the integrity of each individual plant. The result, are the most potent, pure and bioavailable herbal products suited for the purpose of ultimate health.


We believe the Earth is our Eden and we are committed to building a better world. Sustainability is part of who we are and what we do every single day.


Individually and collectively we make meaningful commitments to each other. These commitments are how we live and serve for raising global consciousness and empowering one another to live our highest calling.


Our promise is to inspire you to follow that which calls deep in your soul, to follow the pulse of ancient wisdom, to flow with the circulation of life, and to resurrect a bright future for all.


Regardless of religion, faith, or belief system, we can all agree that—we are one, we are source energy, and we will all return to the Origin.

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OR-I-GIN effects on the MIND/BODY/SPIRIT

Increased focus/attention

Improved performance

Enhanced stamina

Increased strength

More vitality and endurance

Greater creativity/intuition

Greater will power

More confidence

More awareness in your surroundings

More feelings of patience/peace

Enhanced fat burning

Increased focus

Full Spectrum Herbal Extracts

First, we start with only the finest raw ingredients, whole herbs organically grown and wild-harvested. Next, is the process of turning them into quality, potent supplements using only the ideal extraction and concentration methods to maintain the integrity of each herb.

OR-I-GIN believes in the Full Spectrum method of extraction. An easy way to explain this method is by comparing it with a "standardized" extract.

The standardized method aims to isolate and extract specific active ingredients from herbs. Using standardized extracts, the thought is that the final product will be more consistent and controlled.

The Full Spectrum method keeps the plant as close to its natural makeup as possible. By extracting the whole herbal component (i.e. root, seed, leaf, berry, or flower, etc) that contains the plant's active medicinal ingredients, we maintain the plant's natural integrity and balance. This process enhances the overall therapeutic effects and keeps the extract as close to the original plant as possible.

Think of herbs as lending a “helping hand” and offering “just enough medicine” for your body to finish its natural healing work. Herbs work in synergy to restore and nurture our bodies at the deepest level – our genes. As this happens, you receive a synergistic blend of nutrients working together for you, instead of an extracted compound leading to negative side effects if not taken correctly. The reason we use Full Spectrum herbal blends is because the healing potential of the plant is preserved when it’s taken in its most natural form.

Our philosophy and methodology is a practice of true Synergy. Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from, or greater than, the sum of their individual effects. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergia, meaning “working together”.

Whole Plant/Body Approach vs. Mechanistic Approach

Ancient alchemical and holistic herbal practices always keep in mind that herbs act as biological wholes, not simply vehicles for ‘active ingredients’. On the contrary, a mechanistic view has occurred since the 17th and 18th centuries due largely to Newtonian physics. The result is treating disease separate from the person who experiences it. The disease is diagnosed and drug protocols are administered. Herbs are being applied in much the same way, solely according to their therapeutic properties and chemical constituents. The disease is separated from the individual, just as a plant's chemical compounds are separated from the whole living plant. We must treat the whole person, just as we must consider the whole plant in order to benefit from its full healing potential.

This mechanistic model is based on the illusion of isolation. Its premise is the whole is just the sum of independent parts, so the whole does not affect the parts. This approach to healing isolates the disorder from the totality of the individual and the chemical constituent of the herb from the overall therapeutic effect of that herb. It sees that one aspect of a person can be isolated and treated separately regardless of other aspects of the person, or that an herb can be in isolation, irrespective of the rest of the plant's components.

Traditional cultures throughout the world have used herbs according to their wholistic effects on the body and mind. Webster's dictionary defines energy as "vitality of expressing" and “the capacity of acting." In other words, the energy of an herb, therefore, has the capacity to “act” on the body in a particular way. Every herb has a signature of the elements within its unique attributes. The energy of an herb is an inherent part of the herb. This is its unique gift to those who use it.

Alchemical Formulation

Each herb that we include is a result of our wholistic and synergistic methodology. We have taken great care to understand the properties of every plant that we use and how they combine with each other to affect the mind/body/spirit interface.

The Whole Body Approach

—The body's systems are one integrated and balanced whole—

The use of specific herbs and plants for medicinal purposes has been practiced for millennia all over the world. Herbs have healing powers that are capable of balancing the emotional, mental and physical dimensions. The body is an organic whole, all the component parts are interconnected and dependent on each other physiologically, and influence each other pathologically.

A Whole Body approach to the mind/body/spirit interface requires you to examine the psychological, neurological and pharmacological dimensions themselves as complex systems and how each of these interacts with the other systems. We cannot separate the mind, body, spirit, or social and environmental factors, from a person's health. Failure to account for the whole system can drive short-term effects at the cost of damaging long-term equilibrium. The goal for the whole body approach is to move the entire system into homeostasis, a system that is functioning optimally. This equilibrium is accomplished through the synergetic relationship of using full spectrum and whole herbs, as nature designed it to be. It’s as if, the “whole body” becomes illuminated by the energy of the “whole plant”.

An OR-I-GIN Story

“Light will be thrown on the origin of man and his history.” — Charles Darwin

Right now, you, the person and the consciousness that is reading this, you are at the point of OR-I-GIN. This place is where we bridge the divergent universe, acknowledging the innate connection between spirit and body. Right now, the eye of consciousness, the “I” in this place, is life. Though you’ve heard it before, know that this life is precious, feel it in your bones and grab it like the wind blowing through the trees, drink it in with abandon, and enjoy every breath with it.

We don’t need to tell you that life is not easy, nothing is certain, and that we have no idea what the future holds. But know, no matter what, that you will embrace the cold winds, the violent storms, the broken dreams, and keep moving forward towards the sun cresting the hillside. During all of your challenges and setbacks, we ask that you simply remember who you are, and that your true self is larger, much larger, than whatever is thrown at you.

All that matters, is what is in your gut and in your heart, and that this energy above all else is love. Devour this love with every ounce of your soul and love for all you are worth. Recognize that ten thousand times you’ve been through all the Heavens and Hells to reach that place of purest love. This OR-I-GIN of life is equal to the fire of all the sun radiating from your heart, feel this and know it to be certain.

Recognize and see the beauty in the most simple moments. When you walk alone on a summer night, down worn pathways with trees dancing in the wind, know that you are also there in the place where moonlight pierces the branches. Believe in truth by becoming truth, and reaching the truth that is within you. This truth shall be fully revealed as we come together in a place of harmony, trust, and transcendental collaboration. Together we will explore new physical biomes and new spiritual ecologies, and this opening will permit us to enter the consciousness of eternity.

This is your life. This is your legacy.

This is the place of OR-I-GIN.