Natural Healing with Herbalism

I’ve long been a fan of naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and all sorts of alternative therapies. Sometimes natural healing modalities are considered to be less effective than Western medicine, or worse, work only as a placebo. But in fact, my turn to natural medicine was because conventional, Western medicine was failing me in various ways.

So when one of my best friends decided to go to herb school, not only was I excited about her journey, but I was hopeful that I would have the opportunity to learn from her. And lucky for me, that’s exactly what happened!

Blair now runs an herbalism clinic in Honolulu, and been able to expand her practice into the community and make great use of her herbalism teachings.

Not only has Blair’s advice been helpful personally (like when I started having some serious anxiety last year), I’ve heard lots of good feedback from friends too. She’s helped our friends with digestive issues, lifestyle shifts, or sleep problems.

And I do get to glean some information from her, too! She shares new formulations with me, let’s me sample teas, and most recently, I’ve been working with her for some content on her website. We’ve had some fun brainstorming sessions and are working to create a functional, interesting blog that she can share with her clients and be a broader resource for the community.

Below are some of the Wildkraft articles that we’ve worked on together.

One of the most common ways to take herbal formulations is in tincture form, but what is an herbal tincture? Herbs are steeped in high-proof alcohol, then pressed out to make a powerful solution, which is often used as part of a formula. I like her Deep Roots formula, which is one of the most delicious tinctures ever, but is nourishing for active vegetarians like me, as it helps build blood and improve vitality. We’ve also created a how-to for taking tinctures with tips for taking tinctures if you are given them from an herbalist.

I’ve made a lot of tea in my life, but I didn’t know that you had to brew medicinal tea in a special way. Learn tips and tricks for making healing medicinal tea in this helpful article: How to Brew Medicinal Tea

The most recent article we published is all about keeping your blood sugar balanced with foods to enjoy, foods to avoid, and lifestyle tips to keep you off the crash and burn cycle of improper blood sugar balance.

Source: Vibrant Wellness Journal


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