An Introduction: This series is dedicated to the lost language of plants and why it’s important to include them into our contemporary lifestyle.

The bear is quick-tempered and fierce in many ways, and yet he pays attention to herbs which no other animal notices at all. The bear digs these for his own use…. We consider the bear as chief of all animals in regard to herbal medicine, and therefore it is understood that if a man dreams of a bear he will be an expert in the use of herbs for curing illness.  

 -Siyaka (in Densmore, Teton Sioux Music)


There is a communication that happens in nature that few people are aware of. It is the talking of plant to plant, and plant to animal. One example of plant to plant communication, we see in the fungi community. Beneath the surface of the Earth that we walk on, when we are so blindly strolling through the forest, is an organic network of plant roots, and these roots are tied together by what I like to call the “mycelial internet”. Fungi are the bionetwork that connects all of these living organisms, and allows them to share nutrients, gases and water. These networks are also responsible for aiding the plants’ immune system and even warning one another of threats, like predator insects and plant diseases.


In the insect kingdom, we see grasshoppers and beetles, using various plant compounds to keep their shells free of mites, bacterial, algal, and fungal infections. Honeybees collect a gummy, resinous substance from trees to make propolis, which they use to coat the interior of their hives to protect from infection. Many birds use strong medicinal plants to weave into their nests to prevent infestation and to boost the immunity of their young. In the animal kingdom, wild boar, bears, chimpanzees and gorillas will harvest certain roots and leaves to kill off parasites and infection. And, it is well known that elephants will harvest palm tree sap, utilizing its’ various range of nutrients.


In the human kingdom, we have used plant medicine for thousands of years, no matter what your religion or spiritual beliefs. There is a divine healing magic to plants that is contained in their vibrational frequency. The energy stored in plant genetic coding is what is used to bring us back into equilibrium.


So, why is this necessary, why is Plant Spirit Wisdom important? And, how will this help us on our life path? Simply, it is a revival to our roots and to the connection that we have with the Earth and each other. In the past, when we were in smaller tribes, we depended much more on each other for survival, and we looked to the elders in the tribe to speak with divine nature. This connection they had could give us strong communication and stories that led us to greater paths and helped to predict our lives. I like to see these stories as being the dream of consciousness and each one of us playing a role in this collective manifestation.


In the last decade, I have spent a lot of time reconnecting to the poetry of the Earth, to unveil the nourishment that is given to our bodies and souls through plant medicine. It has opened many doors to different types of experiences with amazing shaman and medicine hunters, to epic sweat lodge ceremonies in remote desert communities and drum circles that unfolded with the night sky. And you might be asking, but why is this important? How does this involve me?


The reason why, is because plant medicine is the catalyst for understanding our oneness with the Earth, and importantly, each other. This connectedness, is complex, multidimensional, and synergistic. If you look at the past couple centuries, you see the vast environmental devastation that is inherent and is linked to our modern technologies and lifestyles. Plant medicine is deeply involved and concerned with the ecosystems and aesthetics of nature, and how we maintain a balance within and outside of ourselves. These plants contain the chemistry and a language that is not found anywhere else. This language speaks to the holistic parts of ourselves and starts to become our guru to the natural world. It connects us to the story, wisdom and energy of nature at the deepest level, and this brings us back to the self, the core of our “Being”.


So, I ask of you, over the next week, every time that you use something that comes from a plant, in any way, I want you to give thanks. Simply state in gratitude, why you are blessed to have this plant offering in your life. Have a conversation with someone and share your own blessings for the world we live. Express your beliefs on how nature sustains life and how we are re-charged by its essence.


One last thing, remember that we were birthed from the Earth, and that in many ways, we are the children of the Sun and Earth, the same as the plants. In this sense, we can see them as our extended family of life, and this will raise your consciousness in a way that you will begin to feel the planet that is our home.


In gratitude,




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About Johnny Bailik

Johnny Andrew Gigliotti Bailik is the Founder of IMMORDL and NOMAD APOTHECARY with the mission to awaken the public to the ancient healing powers of herbs and plants. Johnny is dedicated to bringing about bodily health and spiritual wellness in all acts of the company. Johnny holds a BFA degree in Fine Art & Advertising and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Johnny has been a life-long student to herbal plants & medicine and is part of a long lineage of healers and teachers Johnny has worked with Amgen Pharmaceuticals, American Botanical Pharmacy, Deutsch Advertising and United Future to name a few companies. He is an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, yoga practitioner, runner, and cross-fit athlete. 





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