There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. -Buddha

This series focuses on practical methods for transforming the mind and body by using practices such as diet and nutrition, fasting, herbalism, ancient healing ways, breathing exercises, calisthenics, meditation, and sexual yoga.

Whether you're a beginner to healthy living or a seasoned Olympic athlete; ZEN, SEX and IMMORTALITY is the compass for an evolutionary and revolutionary world.

Forget the old concepts of health, exercise and food plans—let the old paradigm perish. Whether your dream is to lose weight, to live at optimal health, to incorporate ancient healing methods into your lifestyle, to have more peace in life or to connect on a deeper level with your lover, this book is the blueprint.


You can have it all—really.


Join Johnny Bailik, founder of NOMAD APOTHECARY, as he teaches you:

  • How to train your mind to do the impossible
  • How to cultivate more peace and serenity in your daily life
  • How to use herbalism for powerful health and vitality
  • How fasting can lead to a long, healthy life
  • How ancient healing therapies can restore the body and mind back to its’ original state
  • The best body-weight exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere (no excuses!)
  • Breathing exercises to reduce stress and improve sleep
  • The best Yoga poses to increase sexual energy and libido
  • How to use Yoga to achieve a whole-body orgasm


ZEN, SEX and IMMORTALITY will be included in a series of: e-mails, blog articles and videos. All materials showing you what you will need to master the new world of body, mind, and spirit. Stay tuned!...

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