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This powerful formula is designed as a natural remedy to help detoxify the urinary, digestive and circulatory systems.




- Supplement Facts -

Serving Size: 1/2 level tsp (1000mg) Servings Per Container: 60

10:1 Herbal Extract Powders

Cat’s Claw Root
Elderberry Fruit
Gotu Kola Leaf
Astragalus Root
Reishi Mushroom


Directions: Place ½ level tsp. of POWER CLEANSE into 8-oz HOT water, along with your favorite sweetener. Stir, drink and enjoy great health! May also be added to coffees, teas, smoothies, sports drinks, juices, foods and more.

For Best Results: Use continuously, 1 to 3 times daily for a three week period, followed by a one week rest period. You may increase up to 2-level tsp. depending upon lifestyle and body weight. These herbs are super-concentrated, so listen to your body to find the ideal dosage. Discontinue use immediately if any adverse reaction occurs. Before you begin taking any type of herbal supplement, please consult a licensed medical professional.


    - What are the benefits of cleansing and how will it make me feel?

    We can recognize that it’s time for a system cleanse when we start to feel tired and run-down. We might also notice our digestion is a bit sluggish, our skin congested and our brain in a fog.

    Feeling ‘clogged up’ can also affect our emotional state – we might hold onto negative issues instead of letting them go. Cleansing on all levels is central to being healthy and living a balanced life.

    - What are some other positive ways to support my cleanse?

    To get the full benefits of your purification ritual, there are a few extra things you could do to enhance your cleanse. Introducing a light yoga routine or meditation in the morning or evening will help the body to relax. You could also visit a steam room or sauna, which will help give your body an extra boost at sweating out those extra toxins.

    - What are some things that I should avoid during my cleanse?

    • Processed, refined foods, or foods with a high sugar or fat content. These will be more difficult for the body to break-down, putting added strain on your body. Dairy and meat is also tricky for the body to digest, so you might want to consider going veggie and/or dairy free.
    • Highly caffeinated or sugary drinks. These will cause a rise in blood sugar and potential energy crashes, which will disrupt your body’s natural balance.
    • Alcohol is processed in the liver, which is where detoxification occurs. Therefore, alcoholic drinks place added pressure on the liver which will not support an efficient cleanse.


    The key point to take away from all this is to take it easy and design a routine that will work for you. We are all individuals and will benefit from different types of cleansing routines. By picking the right routine, you can really feel the benefit of cleansing, and approaching the year ahead feeling revived and rejuvenated.

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